Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Could These Common Workout Mistakes Be Preventing You From Losing Fat?

Treadmill Workout

Working out could greatly help accelerate your fat loss but there some common workout mistakes that many people make when trying to lose fat that could prevent them from getting desired fat loss results. In order to make sure that you get good result from your workout efforts you'll want to avoid making the common mistakes that would lead to little or no results from your training. Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid to be on the right track with your workout.

1. Performing Only Low Intensity Cardio

Low Intensity Cardio

If your aim is to burn fat quickly you should not stick only with low intensity or steady state cardio alone in your workout program. Since this type of cardio is less intense it takes much more time to burn body fat|it is less effective for burning fat.  The best way to increase the effectiveness of your cardio workout is to combine low intensity and high intensity cardio into one workout session. When performed in a certain manner, it is possible to benefit from doing both types of cardio in the same workout.

2. Performing Spot reduction exercises

Spot Reduction Exercise

Working out a specific part of your body with the intention to lose weight in this area only is a waste of time. In order for fat loss to happen it must occur in the entire body. Therefore, when you perform any exercise targeted to reducing fat in one spot it will not happen. However, you can firm up, strengthen or increase the size of the muscle in a targeted body part. This can make the area look more defined due to the increase in muscle visibility. But you'll still need to diet and perform aerobic exercises for losing fat overall to see the fat disappear in the area.

3. Not Sticking To Your Routine 

Weight Training Workout

The thing about exercise is that it produce impressive fat loss results over the long term. Therefore, sticking to your exercise routine is very important so that each exercise session can build up from the previous session to burn off the fat. Remember, when you burn more calories in any given period than you consume you'll lose weight. The more you exercise the more calories you'll burn.

4. Not Having A Diet Plan Structured For Fat Loss

Bad Diet Prevents Good Results From Workout

This one is the ultimate workout mistake of all that will prevent you from losing fat. Many people exercise hard on a regular basis and fail to make sure that their diet is structured correctly for fat loss. There are more than one aspect of your diet that's crucial for losing fat and must be addressed, but the most important factor is the calorie deficit. If your diet is not structured with a calorie deficit it will be impossible to lose fat. Additionally, you want to have a good diet plan with balance macronutrients, proper meal schedule etc. to optimize your fat loss success.

Always remember to avoid these common workout mistakes that could prevent you from losing fat. This will allow you to get better fat loss results and get the lean body that you want. Have a pleasant day!

These are not all the mistakes in fat loss. There are a few more workout and diet mistakes that people make that prevents results. Watch to learn more in this video.