Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Bar Brothers Workout

The Bar Brothers have become a worldwide fitness movement. With their innovative calisthenics training and fitness motivation, they've amassed over 400,000 YouTube subscribers and over 1,700,000 Facebook followers. Dusan Djolevic & Lazar Novovic are the founding members of the movement who run these social media outlets. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have used Bar Brothers workout advice and motivation tips to transform their body and mind.

If you want to be part of a worldwide calisthenics movement of men and women helping each other to become the best that they can be, then Bar Brothers is the most suitable fitness brand on the internet for you. It's no bs fitness advice that's inspiring and proven, can help you not just get your body in shape but become successful at life in general.

Bar Brothers Workout Principles

Motivation and consistency are the fundamental factors that serve as the foundation for success for the Bar Brothers. "We grind day in day out for our goals. We try our best to stay consistent with our nutrition and workout very hard" they said. In fact their slogan is "All day every day”.

They admit however that it’s tough sometimes, but they’re driven by the lives that they touch and they motivate each other to stay consistent. "When things get tough, we raise each other up" they said. "We motivate each other every day. The people that motivate us the most are our fans. To hear how we changed their lives truly touches us each time and inspires us to work even harder".

Bar Brothers Workout Routines

When it comes to building strength and muscle with calisthenics training, consistency and progression gets gains. So these 2 elements are honored and practiced among Bar Brothers leaders and followers.

If you are a beginner you have to start with the basic calisthenics exercises like pull ups, push ups, dips and crunches to prepare your body and then progress to advanced moves. This approach is the key to long-term success with bodyweight exercising and avoiding overtraining. But, keep in mind that all advanced bodyweight exercises are variations of the basics. Therefore, certain workout routines would be able to be customized to work for all fitness levels.

Here are some sample Bar Brothers workouts that can be done by people in beginner, intermidiate and advanced levels. All you have to do is customize the number of reps and workout frequency to fit your fitness level.

1. Upper Body Workout

This is a sample Bar Brothers upper body workout that hits the Chest/Triceps/Shoulder Workout. This workout can be done at home without a pullup bar.

Warmup with pushups - 15 reps
Walk-out pushups - 15 reps
Pushup knee elbow touches - 15 reps
Tiger bend pushups - 15 reps
Dips on chairs - 15 reps
Full body dips - 15 reps
Wide/inner alternate pushups - 15 reps
Backyard dips on ledge - 15 reps
Max out with pushups (4-8 sets of this routine)

2 Abs Workout

This workout works the abs. It can be done at home without a pullup bar.

Situps (warm up) - 15 reps
Toe touch crunches - 15 reps
Push through crunches - 15 reps
Lower back bends - 15 reps
Second back holds - 30 reps
Second alternating inner and wide holds - 30 reps
Wide spread sits/toe touches - 5 reps
Max out sit ups (4-8 total sets of this routine)

3 Home leg workout

This workout works the legs. It can be done at home without a pullup bar.

Lunges - 15 reps
Squat - 15 reps
Lunge to higher platform/pistol squat(alternate legs) - 15 reps
Jump squats - 15 reps
Calf raises each leg - 15 reps
Max out squats -n4-8 total sets of this routine
(also for extra burn, after you are done with your sets to build more leg muscle run sprints, hills, and stairs)

Workout Schedule your workouts accordingly. 

This is an example of Bar Brothers workout schedule: upper body Mondays, lower body Tuesdays, core/abs Tuesdays, Thursday rest, then repeat first 3 days in different order, then rest on the 4th day.