Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Women Muscle Building - How Fast Can They Gain Mass?

Here are some women muscle building tips to explain why women can build a good amount of muscle mass despite having certain biological limitations when compared to men.

Men and women can build significant muscle mass with frequent and high volume weight training. However, because of hormonal differences between genders, men are able to put on more overall muscle and at a faster rate. Women can partly combat their hormonal limitations by training at a higher intensity.

Building Muscle

Muscle building occurs when your muscle fibers are consistently overloaded with weight training. After your workout sessions, your muscles are left damaged. They respond by adapting and healing back with an increase in size and amount of contractile proteins, which eventually leads to an increase in size of muscle fibers.

Differences in Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that offers an anabolic, or muscle building, effect. According to Dr. Len Kravitz at the University of New Mexico, it increases protein synthesis, which contributes to muscle building. Men and women possess testosterone, but males have significantly higher levels. According to the National Strength and Conditioning's 1989 position paper on strength training in females, men produce five to 10 mg per day of testosterone, while women produce less than 0.1 mg per day. This difference causes males to have more significant muscle mass increases than women even after the same intensity of training.

Training to Build Muscle Mass

Although they may not seem as quick or as significant muscle mass results, women can still increase their lean muscle by consistently participating in a weight training program specifically designed to cause hypertrophy. Such a workout program consists of frequent training sessions, at least three days per week, with each session utilizing eight to 10 exercises. Exercises are completed at a relatively high volume, with each being done three to six sets of eight to 12 repetitions. If you want to aim for muscle tone without size, then you can use a program such as this women's training program.


If women are interested in building muscle mass, they could partly combat their hormonal differences by training at a higher intensity. You can split muscle groups into separate training sessions and work out more times per week. For example, lift six days per week, with Mondays and Thursdays dedicated to the chest and shoulders, Tuesdays and Fridays used to develop back and legs, and Wednesdays and Saturdays targeting the arms and abdominal. This allows each session to consist of a greater number of exercises targeting each muscle group.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

How To Get A Slimmer Body Fast For An Upcoming Event Or Vacation

Slimmer Body Vacation

Learn how to get a slimmer body fast when you need to get in shape quickly.

If you have a special event or vacation coming up, you may not want to attend with all the excess body fat that you've accumulated during months or years of overindulging. Of course, you'll want to slim down fast a bit to look more impressive so you'll be more confident at your event or vacation.

Getting a slim body involves a simple process, but just because the procedures to achieving a certain goal is simple, does not necessarily mean that success will be easy to come by.

Getting a slim is just a synonymous phrase for losing body fat. And body fat is really calories (energy in food) stored in the body due to overeating. Whenever you eat more calories than you burn, the excess calories will be stored as fat. Therefore The process required to get slim is to reverse this effect.

When you want to get slimmer you have to eat less calories than you are burning and do enough exercise to get rid of the fat. However, as I said this is a simple process but it’s not always easy to accomplish significant fat loss by eating less and exercising more to create a calorie deficit.

In order to get a slim body fast and effectively, you need to use the right diet and exercise plan that will work for you by addressing your body’s specific condition and really burn off a great deal or all of the excess fat.

Slimmer Body Man And Woman

The type of approach you'll need to take to burn fat quickly is a bit different from the approach you'll take to burn fat at a slow pace. Everyone’s body is different, so some plans may work for some people far differently than it works for others. However, below is the best approach towards diet and exercise that one should structure his or her fat loss plan around to get slim fast

The Diet To Get Slimmer Fast

A diet to burn fat fast should include controlling your calorie intake but not in an extreme way that will lead to negative and harmful effects. You should also look at the type of calories you're eating. Ensure your meals contain foods that have fat burning properties and try to eat them in a pattern that'll increase weight loss. When eating your meals try to stop eating before you're completely full. Drink water regularly and strictly limit your intake of sweet and fatty foods.

Exercise To Get Slim

If you want to burn fat fast with exercise then you'll need to perform cardio daily. Perform cardio at least one hour per day, 3 weeks out from the date of your event or vacation. Keep the intensity of your exercise low to medium. If you keep this up for 3 weeks you'll burn fat fast. You can also lift weights 3 days per week to help with the burning off of stubborn body fat faster.
So this is basically what is required to get slim fast.

Losing fat is accomplished by dieting and exercising to release stored calories in the body. The critical thing in getting a slim body is to do what is required the right way and stick to doing it, which is best accomplished with a good exercise and diet program that is right for you.